I open this page with the hope that all the bubble performers contribute to expand it and add their knowledge.

The goal is to create an open database of history and effects with soap bubbles and their creator to expand as much as possible and with the idea of stimulating future performers and the next generations to create more and more new effects.

Studying what other masters or creators have done in the past is always a good starting point, the next step is to create new effects or improve what has been done by making extensive and substantial changes. I will try to share this page as much as possible, anyone is free to post comments that can help make this page better and bigger.

There is a section on the page called CLASSIC PUBLIC DOMAIN EFFECTS with a collection of effects so old it's impossible to trace back to the creator, this can be a good starting point to learn without copying other artists' work.

If you know artists from the past and have information, pictures or magazine/newspaper articles, feel free to share them and I will post them here.

If you are the owner of the rights or the creator of an original effect and you want to share it, you can send photos and information and I will publish them on this page.

It is also possible to suggest a discussion about intellectual property infringement and/or the case of independent creation of the same effect (when 2 or more people create the same effect at the same time but without knowing each other; it can happen, we are only 8 billions on Earth ...).


                                             Know the past, learn today, create in the future!


Enrico Pezzoli, September 2015