I open this page with the hope that all bubble performers will help to expand it and to add their knowledge.

The goal is to make an open database of history and effects with soap bubbles and their creator to be enlarged as much as possible and with the idea to stimulate future performers and next generations to create more and more new effects.

To study what other master or creators have made in the past it is always a good starting point, the next step it is to create new effects or to improve what have been done adding extensive and substantial modification. I will try to share as much as possible this page, anyone will be free to send comment that could help to make this page better and bigger.

There is a section in the page called CLASSIC EFFECT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN with a compilation of effects so old that it is impossible to track the creator, this can be a good starting point for to learn without to copy the work of other performers.

If you know about performers from the past and you have any information, pictures or article from magazines/newspaper, feel free to share it and I will ad it here.

If you are the owner of the rights or the creator of an original effect and you want to share this, you are welcome to send pictures and information and I will post in this page.

It is also possible to suggest discussion about infringement of intellectual property and/or case of independent creation of same effect (when 2 or more people create the same effect in the same time but without to know each other; it may happen, we are only 7 billions and half in the Earth...).    


                                           Know the past, learn today, create in the future !


Enrico Pezzoli, September 2015